The Y-Rod - Lesson 4
by Joe Smith

Are you ready to dowse for a water vein? OK, lets go out side while the weather is still warm. 

Place your Y rod in the ready position and start walking SLOWLY, that is important while learning. As you get close to a vein of underground water, the Y will start to dip as you cross the vein it will pull down and then release as you cross the vein. 

When you get the feel for that lets look for the sewer line coming from the house. Just ask for the sewer line and it will dip as you cross it. This is a good time to have you reverse the direction and re-dowse the sewer line and the water vein. You might notice that it wasn't in the exact spot you found it at first. The reason is when you are first learning the Y rod your answer will be a little delayed. 

Ok now go around the house and look for things like the telephone line or the Electric line if it is buried. There are lots of things you can practice on. 

Now time to impress on you some responsibility with you dowsing with any tool. As you learn you might be temped to dowse a well location for someone. Do not do that until you have worked with an experienced dowser. It is very possible that you might be right on with your dowsing but maybe not. Drilling a well involves a lot of money and you would feel bad if the well was dry. 

So for now be content just to learn the different tools. I will be gone for several days but will give lesson 5 when there are questions to answer. So get your questions on the net. If John doesn't teach the Pendulum I will try to make it easy for you, same with L rods. Any body with the skill can teach without making me mad at all, so just speak up.


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